Così fan tutte
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte

produced by LoftOpera
September 2016

"Directed by Louisa Proske, who brings the original lovers back together at the end, LoftOpera’s “Così” includes healthy doses of the bitterness in this most bitter of operas. But it manages to do that without stinting on the humor and lightness that are also crucial to the piece." - The New York Times

"Proske’s brilliant move was to present the four lovers as teenagers ... For the first time in my life, I found the opera funny (especially in the first half) and moving (especially in the second)." - Wendy Lesser, Threepenny Review

Music Director: Dean Buck

Cast: Megan Pachecano, Sarah Craft, Gary Ramsey, Alex DeSocio, Spencer Viator, Michelle Trovato

Designers: Kate Noll, Rachel Dainer-Best, Oliver Wason

Choreographer: Emma Jaster

photos by Robert Altman