by Melissa James Gibson

produced by Barrington Stage Company
August 2017

"... director Proske has drawn sharply and sensitively delineated performances from her splendid cast in “This.’’ Singly or together, the actors make virtually every moment ring true ..." - The Boston Globe

"Fans of artful, original dialogue impeccably delivered should slot in a late-summer date with "This," ... in a production directed with economy and emotional acuteness by Louisa Proske." - Albany Times

"It’s her third time directing at Barrington Stage, and though the thematic connection is accidental it’s tempting to see “This” as the third in a trio of smartly observed, semi-dark comedies she’s helmed here that all have something to say about generational angst." - The Boston Globe feature on my work at Barrington Stage

Cast: Julia Coffey, Mark H. Dold, Eddie Boroevich, Erica Dorfler, Paris Remillard

Designers: Brian Prather, Tricia Barsamian, David Roberts, Scott Pinkney